Keynote Speakers


  Paolo Bellavista, Full Professor

  University of Bologna, Italy





Professor Paolo Bellavista received MSc and PhD degrees in computer science engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy, where he is now a full professor of distributed and mobile systems. His research activities span from pervasive wireless computing to online big data processing under quality constraints, from edge cloud computing to middleware for Industry 4.0 applications. He serves on several Editorial Boards, including IEEE COMST (Associate EiC), ACM CSUR, and Elsevier JNCA and PMC. He is the scientific coordinator of the H2020 BigData project IoTwins -




Talk Title:

Cloud Continuum for Distributed and Hybrid Digital Twins for Industry4.0 Applications



The efficient exploitation of the cloud continuum (industrial cloud, edge cloud, 5G/6G base stations, fog nodes) is a key factor for future Industry4.0 applications, e.g., for manufacturing line control and reconfiguration, where QoS requirements on latency and scalability are crucial. The keynote aims at offering an overview of the state-of-the-art architectures and technologies in the field, with a specific focus on how to efficiently design and implement hybrid distributed digital twins over cloud continuum virtualized resources. Related and industrial-grade use cases from ongoing international projects will be depicted to practically ground the proposed architectural solutions.