Template Oral/Poster Presentation

Template Oral/Poster Presentation

The required format of oral presentations and posters

  • Accepted papers need to be presented through two formats of oral and poster.
  • In order to finalize the paper acceptance, one of the authors need to pay for registration of each paper otherwise the paper would be omitted from the list of conference's accepted papers
  • It is compulsory to represent papers (oral/poster), otherwise the paper would be removed from the list of accepted papers.
  • The oral presentation must be 15 minutes.
  • The presence of at least one of the authors for the papers which are accepted to be represented as posters is compulsory.
  • According to the required paper format mention in current web-page, researchers are kindly required to manage re-formatting their files till 13th April 2019 and email to icwr@usc.ac.ir

And in case there is a need to correction it is possible to apply changes and email on 19th April.

  • It is required to mention the phrase “ICWR2019 Oral Presentation [*submission number *]” as an email subject for oral type papers or consider “ICWR2019 Poster Presentation [*submission number*] for poster type papers.

Note that: you need to write paper code instead of submission number. for example: ICWR2019 Oral Presentation [32]

  • In case any of researchers did not received an email after 24 hours of submitting powerpoint file for oral and poster presentation, they need to inform conference secretariat as soon as possible.
  • The print of poster will be done by Conference. So, please pay 40,000 toman by registration link.
  • Conference is not responsible for those who ignored sending their files or any of above requirements.


A: Poster Format:

Download Poster Format - Persian

Download Poster Format - English


B: Oral File Format:

Download Oral File Format


Important Reminder:

Based on the necessity of appropriate presentation slides, it is required to mention below recommendation in preparing the presentation slides file. Besides, the slides which are not organized based on below pattern will not be allowed.

  • Presentation slides must be organized in either Persian or English and there must be no spelling mistakes.
  • The first slide must contain paper title, author/authors' name(s), relative organization/ university and country.
  • According to duration of presentation (15 minutes), please avoid heavy files and try to not exceed above 18 slides and mention appropriate timing for each part of paper, results and conclusion.