The 3th International Conference on Web Research, (ICWR2017)

  • The 3th International Conference on Web Research, (ICWR2017)

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After success of the two conferences (ICWR2015 and ICWR2016), we encourage to organize the third conference- ICWR2017-
The purpose of the 3th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR2017) is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the Web Research area. 14 simultaneous tracks will be held, covering different aspects of Web research. These tracks can involve all researches who work in different aspects of the Web.
Because of importance of “Web Research”, the main Iranian organizations in the field of information technology support the conference.
For indexing, ICWR2015 received national indexing such as ISC and SID. The second conference, ICWR2016, was supported by IEEE and accepted papers were published in IEEE Xplore:
We are applying to get popular national and international indexing for ICWR2017 with our record in ICWR2015 and ICWR2016 . The main language of ICWR2017 is English, however we accept Persian language to encourage local students and researches to work in the field of Web.
Please check back often as this page will be updated frequently as we get closer to this exciting event.