Oral Presentations Papers:

How Iranian Instagram Users Act for Parliament election How Iranian Instagram Users Act for Parliament Election Campaign?
Brands' Code of Ethics in Electronic Commerce
Limitations of Quality Metrics for Community Detection and Evaluation
A Proposed Representation Framework for Semantic Science
Fast and Scalable Protein Motif Sequence Clustering based on Hadoop Framework
Entity Recognition and Disambiguation for Natural-Language Spatial Search Queries
شناسایی شبکه ارتباطی مشترکین تلفن ثابت شرکت مخابرات با استفاده از پایگاه داده گرافی
قرآن نگار - اولین گراف مفاهيم (هستان نگار) قرآنی فارسی
Analysis social media based brand communities using netnography
Persian ontology matching: challenges, dataset generation and similarity combination
AES encryption algorithm parallelization In order to use Big Data Cloud
a knowledge management approach for selecting influential users in social media
The effect of membership in expert librarian and information sciences groups in telegram app on members capabilities of the groups
Improving News Recommendation with User Clustering based on Tag and Headlines
Improving News Recommendation with Persian Multimedia Search Services’ Users Propensities
The study of usage approaches for social networks capabilities in the world top 100 university libraries
A model for Presence of Mobile Value-added Services on the Semantic Web
The Model of Local Search Engine Project Impacts on Sustainable Development
A Method to Enhance Contribution in Gamification-Based E-Learning
Cloud Dependability Analysis: Characterizing Google Cluster Infrastructure Reliability
Using the Opinion Leaders in Social Networks to Improve the Cold Start Challenge in Recommender Systems
Trust Inference In Social networks with Machine Learning Techniques
Improving user navigation in informational websites
Finding Important Nodes in Social Networks
A Framework for Linked Data Fusion and Quality Assessment 
Linked Data Partitioning for RDF Processing on Apache Spark
Measuring Service Quality in Service-Oriented Architectures Using a Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network (PSO-ANN)
How Questions are Posed to a Search Engine?
An Empirical Analysis of Question Queries in a Large Scale Persian Search Engine Log
Three Level Pyramid Pattern for General and Specialized  Evaluating of  Iranian Cinematic Websites
Search Engine Pictures: Empirical Analysis of a Web Search Engine Query Log
Analytical Study of Load Balancing in Cloud Computing: Challenges and Algorithms
Multi Objective Job Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing on Reliability and Time
Improving recommender systems by using development of multiview clustering
Review of library weblogs: a case study of public libraries
Optimizing Multi Objective Based Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing Using Black Hole Algorithm
Recommender System for Persian Blogs
A bottom-up Algorithm to Create Structurally Balanced Social Networks by Modifying the Sources of Tension
An Open Model For Question Answering Systems Based On Crowdsourcing
Spammer Detection in YouTube Social Network Using Topological and Content based Features
Applying SFLA algorithm for finding the Violations to control SLA in cloud computing 
The role of textual and pictorial self-disclosure in predicting the popularity of Instagram users
Intrusion detection to Network, based on kinds of classification systems and compare them
Plagiarism Detection of Flowchart Images in the Texts
Suggestions for What to Eat and What Not, Based on Your Mood: Presenting a Model Works with Social Network Analysis
Assessments Sqli and Xss vulnerability in Several Organizational Websites of North khorasan in Iran and Offer Solutions  to Fix These Vulnerabilities
Exact Requirements Engineering for Developing Business Process Models
Analyzing Users’ Preferred Color On Websites Based On Demographic Features
Quality assessment of text search engines using a crowdsourcing platform
The Impact of Quality of Service, Website, Shopping Experience and Infrastructure on Online Customers’ Loyalty
Knowledge Base Completion via Question Answering Systems
Sustainable selection of high-speed internet services: affected by internal and external factors (reputation and quality)
Incremental Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection System Using Limited Labeled Data
Advanced Adaptive Probabilities and Energy Aware Algorithm for Scheduling Tasks In MCC

Poster Presentations Papers:
A Study on the Principles of Development and Testing Secure Software
Evaluating the Usability of an Electronic Voting System for Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran
The Capacity of the cyber space in philosophy for children and crime prevention
Pre-proccesing log data for User Behavior Analysis 
A Privacy Concerns Model for Electronic Banking
Providing a Security Model for Hadoop Framework Based on Threat Modeling
A New Approach for Measuring Knowledge Level based on Learner Model
Analytical Review on Load Balancing in Cloud Environments
A Survey on Recommender Systems Based on Web Usage Mining
Collaborative Filtering based on Deep learning approach and social networks
On the development of a Multi-Platform Football Game Utilizing WebGL and Three.js
Design a New Algorithm to Provide Reliable Transmission in a VANET of DEA Algorithm
Web security and monitoring techniques and creep on the Web
Survey on Question Answering Systems in Natural Language over Linked Data

Social networks and their role in communication Personal and interpersonal of Iranian users
Security challenges of the Android operating system and strategies to overcome it
Design and implementation of web-based ontology-oriented clinical decision support system
The Improvment of Response-Time of Query Processing in Hive by Employing Cost-Based Methods
The Use of “Gamification” in Web-based Educations
بازیابی معنایی تصاویر در وب
The Survey of IRIB Website Performance in Terms of Download Speed of Information
Role of scientific social networks in interchange of research information and academic training